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Buchloe/Ulm, March 2020

Actual situation in March

The 2020s have started now completely different from what we have expected. Our scheduled participation at the exhibitions in Madrid and Friedrichshafen were cancelled and the exciting meetings with customers, partners and suppliers will not happen in the near future.

Sun is shining, spring is coming and a great flying season could start now - at least for the next few weeks this will not be the case in many regions.

But also this phase will pass by sooner or later, maybe you take the new time gained in order to think about new avionics components for the cockpit, assuming that the flying season is not cancelled, but just postponed for a few weeks. The actual situation  here  (as of March 19) is that our business runs normal and production, support and shipment capbilities are fully kept. Of course, we never know if this might change on a short time notice.

We wish you, our customers, partners and suppliers, all the best in these difficult times and hope for a better situation after Easter.

Even if you might hear it quite often at the moment: stay healthy and all the best to overcome this crisis.

Your team from f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS GmbH


Buchloe/Ulm, January 2020

2020: Welcome to Madrid and Friedrichshafen

Die 2020s have started, f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS thanks all our customers, business partners and suppliers and wishes all the best for the New Year 2020! We look forward to meeting you all again in the new decade.

Together with our partner Stangl Funktechnik we present our ground VHF radios (including our mobile VHF radio FSG8) from March 10 to 12 at the World ATM Congress in Madrid (booth 185). As every year we look forward to meeting you again later from April 01 to 04 at the AERO 2020 in Friedrichshafen. We look forward to a great flying season and wish always happy landings!


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